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#StoryLine: Several months before the actual story begins, exorcist and con man John Constantine and Jason Blood engage the Demons Three in a poker game for high-end stakes; Constantine offers his home, the House of Mystery, as his part of the pool in exchange for a box of artifacts, including a chipped Dreamstone. When both parties are caught cheating, Constantine summons Etrigan — a demon forced to share a body with Jason Blood — to dispatch the demons. Afterwards, Blood reprimands Constantine for making him summon Etrigan, and the two part ways.
In Metropolis, Gotham and Washington, D.C., violent murders are committed by people who think their victims are demonic creatures before they are stopped by members of the Justice League. The League conclude that magic is the source of the crimes, but Batmanis skeptical. However, at Wayne Manor, Batman is briefly possessed by Deadman and left with a single word (“Constantine”) as a message…More>

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