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#StoryLine: Peter, an engineer, has recurring nightmares in which he and his family suffer through violent confrontations with an unknown enemy. As the nightmares become more stressful, they take a toll on his family, too. His wife, Alice, urges him to see a professional. At work, Peter suffers further episodes, causing him to damage some of the equipment. Concerned, his boss, David, refers him to a clinic. When another vision causes him to black out and miss scheduled family time, he agrees to go to the clinic. There he meets Chris, an agitated man who seems to be having the same visions. Chris tells Peter that Peter is not crazy and should believe his visions; however, the emotional toll of his own visions has driven Chris to seek help at the clinic involving erasing his dreams. Encouraged by Chris’ advice, Peter leaves without seeking help. On his way home, he stops by an antique store and buys a telescope…More>

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